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No app, no entry: How the digital world is failing the non tech-savvy

Guardian UK - Apr 13, 2024 3:30pm EDT

UK govt seeks replacement for Post Office Horizon system

Register UK - Apr 13, 2024 3:18pm EDT

Rico Wade, key Outkast producer and member of Organized Noize, dies at 52

The Organized Noize songwriting-production team — which also featured Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown — was formed in the early ‘90s and played a pivotal role in early releases by Outkast, TLC, Goodie Mob and many others.

NBC News - Apr 13, 2024 3:01pm EDT

Who TF Did I Marry captivated millions. What made the TikTok series so relatable? | Lottie J Joiner

Guardian UK - Apr 13, 2024 1:36pm EDT

California man sentenced in road-rage killing of 6-year-old on his way to kindergarten

Marcus Anthony Eriz fired a handgun at a car after he was given the middle finger on a freeway. His bullet killed Aiden Leos, who was sitting in a car seat.

NBC News - Apr 13, 2024 12:47pm EDT

More than 40 stranded after deadly cable car accident in Turkey

The casualties occurred when a pod hit a pole and burst open, sending its passengers plummeting to the mountainside below, officials said.

NBC News - Apr 13, 2024 12:25pm EDT

US lawmakers angry after Huawei unveils laptop with new Intel AI chip

The Straits Times - Apr 13, 2024 12:22pm EDT

Waymo will launch paid robotaxi service in Los Angeles on Wednesday

Autonomous taxis are getting more buzz, as GM subsidiary Cruise said it was resuming some operations and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was planning a product launch in August.

NBC News - Apr 13, 2024 9:08am EDT

Apple Sees Stock Value Surge By $112 Billion After Signal of AI Intent

Apple's decision to equip its upcoming Mac models with AI appears to have struck a chord with investors, sending the firm's stock up 4.3 percent.

NDTV - Apr 13, 2024 8:41am EDT

Apple iOS 17.4: Protect your stolen iPhone data in 5 easy steps

With the new iOS 17.4 update, Apple has introduced some new features and bug fixes like extra emoji’s, virtual cards for Apple cash and has granted more control to you over your stolen...

International The News - Apr 13, 2024 7:52am EDT

Apple makes major iPhone policy change

Apple has updated its policy to allow users to use second-hand parts to self-repair their iPhones, Life Hacker reported.The company announced the new update via a statement on Thursday, that some...

International The News - Apr 13, 2024 7:42am EDT

Watch derpy robots show off their soccer skills thanks to new AI training method

Live Science - Apr 13, 2024 7:22am EDT

Google DeepMind wants to make AI a part of soccer

Business Insider - Apr 13, 2024 7:13am EDT

Apollo the robot joins Mercedes-Benz assembly line production

A Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing factory in Hungary is using humanoid robots to help with human staffing shortages on the factory floor.

Fox News - Apr 13, 2024 6:42am EDT

Engineers in Oregon train dog robot to walk on Moon

The engineering team has a two-year $2 million grant to help Nasa study the Moon's surface.

BBC News - Apr 13, 2024 5:40am EDT

Engineers attempt to fix a computer glitch on Voyager 1 | CBC Radio

The Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched by NASA in 1977, is more than 24 billion kilometres from Earth. Now, a glitch is sending corrupted data back to the ground.

CBC News - Apr 13, 2024 4:04am EDT

Google removes links to California news sites over proposed law

Gulf News - Apr 13, 2024 1:16am EDT

Police took possession of E. Jean Carroll's unregistered gun after her testimony in Trump defamation trial

Carroll revealed on the witness stand this year that she had a handgun at home but didn't have a license for it.

NBC News - Apr 12, 2024 11:03pm EDT

Trump endorses GOP challenger to House Republican who voted to impeach him

Rep. Dan Newhouse is one of the two remaining GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump after the Capitol riot.

NBC News - Apr 12, 2024 10:10pm EDT

In China, a factory turns old wedding photographs into a source of electricity

Hong Kong Free Press - Apr 12, 2024 9:36pm EDT

Trump will be first ex-president on criminal trial. Here's what to know about the hush money case

When former President Donald Trump's hush money case opens Monday with jury selection, he will become the first former president to stand trial on criminal charges.

Fox News - Apr 12, 2024 8:46pm EDT

Intel preps lower-power Gaudi 3 chips for China

Register UK - Apr 12, 2024 8:37pm EDT

Editorial: Google’s threat to cut off news in California is a bully tactic

The Mercury News - Apr 12, 2024 7:52pm EDT

Eleanor Coppola, wife of Francis Ford Coppola and the matriarch of a family of filmmakers, dies at 87

Coppola died Friday at home in Rutherford, California, her family announced in a statement.

NBC News - Apr 12, 2024 7:31pm EDT