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LANL powers up Nvidia's GH200-packed Venado super

Register UK - Apr 17, 2024 2:00am EDT

U.S. envoy to U.N. urges Russia and China not to ‘reward’ North Korea’s bad behavior

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s trip to South Korea came after Russia rejected the annual renewal of a panel monitoring North Korea’s evasion of U.N. sanctions over its weapons programs.

NBC News - Apr 17, 2024 12:37am EDT

NASA pauses plan to return samples from Mars as costs balloon | CBC News

NASA's plan to bring samples from Mars back to Earth is on hold until there's a faster, cheaper way, space agency officials said Monday.

CBC News - Apr 17, 2024 12:12am EDT

Tech Venture Capital Titan Andreessen Horowitz Raises $7.2 Bn

Silicon Valley venture capital star Andreessen Horowitz said Tuesday it had raised $7.2 billion to invest in startups behind games, apps, artificial intelligence and more.

International Business Times - Apr 16, 2024 11:44pm EDT

Florida man's house struck by debris from International Space Station | CBC News

When a strange object hit Alejandro Otero's home in Florida, he had to return early from vacation. Once he got in touch with NASA, he learned it was a piece of space junk from the International Space Station.

CBC News - Apr 16, 2024 11:19pm EDT

Stanford report on AI finds booming industry at a crossroads

Register UK - Apr 16, 2024 10:03pm EDT

An uneasy alliance of Arab states helped defend Israel from Iran. Their resolve may soon be tested.

“Things can become very messy if the Israelis try to retaliate over Jordanian airspace,” one expert said.

NBC News - Apr 16, 2024 9:50pm EDT

Venezuela closes embassy in Ecuador to protest raid on Mexican embassy in Quito

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa had ordered the April 5 raid at the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest the country’s former vice president, who had been granted asylum there.

NBC News - Apr 16, 2024 9:28pm EDT

RISC-V AI chip startup Rivos nabs $250M in series A funding

Register UK - Apr 16, 2024 9:05pm EDT

Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2 billion, a sign that tech startup market may be bouncing back

Andreessen Horowitz raised $7.2 billion for investments in growth, artificial intelligence and other areas but hasn't announced new funding for its crypto arm.

CNBC - Apr 16, 2024 8:10pm EDT

Lauren Sanchez’s friends defend her against ‘mean’ post calling her ‘revolting’

The Mercury News - Apr 16, 2024 6:55pm EDT

Dozens of Google employees protest use of company’s tech for war in Gaza

The Mercury News - Apr 16, 2024 6:14pm EDT

Turkish venture named among world’s leading 'ed tech' startups

Uppy’s commitment to revolutionizing education through its technologically advanced and scientifically grounded approach has granted it the title of the...

Daily Sabah - Apr 16, 2024 5:54pm EDT

Several attorneys general made ‘abusive legal demands’ to get trans patients’ medical records, senators allege

The Senate Finance Committee staff singled out Vanderbilt University Medical Center in a report for caving in to the demands of Tennessee’s attorney general.

NBC News - Apr 16, 2024 5:51pm EDT

How Dungeons & Dragons Designed Vecna in a Post-Stranger Things World

Vecna has been a part of D&D lore for years, but Stranger Things put him on the cultural map—so how could WOTC make him its own thing again for Eve of Ruin?

Gizmodo - Apr 16, 2024 5:40pm EDT

Clustering of AI firms in south and east of England will foil levelling up – report

Guardian UK - Apr 16, 2024 5:23pm EDT

Taylor Swift fans hit back at Travis Kelce liking a 'pro-Trump' post

Independent UK - Apr 16, 2024 5:22pm EDT

Deputies investigating the carjacking and death of a Florida woman say suspect car is linked to killing of tow truck driver

A green Acura involved in the carjacking of Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas was found abandoned at an apartment complex in Orange County, officials said.

NBC News - Apr 16, 2024 5:03pm EDT

Latest AMD Ryzen Pro chips are similar silicon, more smarts

Register UK - Apr 16, 2024 4:50pm EDT

AI cloud startup TensorWave bets AMD can beat Nvidia

Register UK - Apr 16, 2024 4:29pm EDT

Alibaba Cloud telemetry tool slashed troubleshooting team

Register UK - Apr 16, 2024 4:05pm EDT

Chief says rescue effort for stranded orca calf four, five days away as plans ramp up | CBC News

Plans are settling into place for an attempt to rescue a young killer whale calf stranded in a tidal lagoon near the Vancouver Island village of Zeballos within four or five days, says the area's First Nation chief.

CBC News - Apr 16, 2024 3:15pm EDT

Trump media group plans TV streaming platform

Gulf News - Apr 16, 2024 3:05pm EDT

Trump Media Stock Plummets After Truth Social Announces Live TV Streaming Platform

Truth Social will offer content "that has been canceled, is at risk of cancellation, or is being suppressed on other platforms and services," the company said.

Gizmodo - Apr 16, 2024 2:25pm EDT